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How to Stop Buying GMO Foods


A Consumer Reports National Research Center Survey says that 70% of us Americans state that we would not like to have GMO (genetically modified organisms) foods anymore! A whooping 92% state that they would like it to be labeled GMO if the food is actually...

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5 Health Foods For Avoiding Prostate Cancer


Tomatoes Make A Great Choice Scientist find that lycopene is a potent antioxidant within tomatoes and could be beneficial factor for preventing prostate cancer and also it can help reduce tumor growth in men who already have prostate cancer. In a study the researches were...

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Top Five Foods With More Vitamin C Than Oranges


If you do not have enough vitamin C your cell growth and circulatory health could be effected. A lot of people do not get enough of this important vitamin and it can lead to having a weakened immune system. People who also lack in this...

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Top 8 Ways To Improve Your Child’s Health


1. Lower Your Sugar Intake Lessen how much sugar your child takes can make a huge difference on your child’s chances of getting sick. Sugar can weaken your child’s immune system and also it feeds viral and bacteria infections. You have to look for things...

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A How To Guide For Buying Supplements & Vitamins


You should be taking your vitamins and supplements daily. There has been many studies throughout the years that show that your basic nutrients can help with everything from aging, heart problems, mood and memory. The correct product can reduce your risk of diabetes, high blood...

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Top 10 Ways to Avoid Catching the Flu


1. Take Your Vitamins & Supplements Your Vitamin D levels get much lower when winter strikes because the days are shorter and therefore our natural Vitamin D we get from the sun has become less. There has been research done to show that vitamin D...

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