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Heart Attack & Disease Causes In Women


Most of the time when we think about heart disease we relate it towards men and that is until now! Charts show that in the past women had less heart issues then men and got less treatment for heart disease and hardly ever got tested...

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Scientist Make Small Beating Hearts For Cure


Scientist have developed many miniature hearts from Abertay University located in Scotland. These small beating hearts were created in the chance of finding a cure for a heart disease called ventricular hypertrophy, which is a disease where the muscles become thicker or larger. Now with...

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Coenzyme Q10 Can Reduce Heart Attacks In Half

Doctor holding heart

Coenzyme Q10 Benefits A study that was conducted of heart attack patients found the protectiveness of over the counter supplements such as CoQ10. What the research found out is that this supplement can literately cut your risk of having heart failure by half and it...

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