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Tomatoes Make A Great Choice

Scientist find that lycopene is a potent antioxidant within tomatoes and could be beneficial factor for preventing prostate cancer and also it can help reduce tumor growth in men who already have prostate cancer. In a study the researches were able to find out men that ate raw tomatoes and other tomato products were more unlikely to get prostate cancer.

Broccoli is another awesome choice.

Many studies show that men have a lesser chance of getting prostate cancer who eat huge amounts of this wonderful little vegetable. Found in one of the many studies researchers were able to find that eating large amounts of cauliflower and broccoli had decreased the overall risk of prostate cancer. Scientists believe one phytochemicals that are in these vegetables, which is called sulforaphane actually targets and kills off cancer cells and all while letting the normal prostate cells healthy.

Legumes Equal A Great Choice Too

Beans, soy and peanuts contain phytoestrongens, which are plant compounds. One of the phytoestrogens are called isoflavones which have cancer fighting abilities and have been found to lessen tumor growth within prostate cancer cells. A study showed that 30% of men lessened their chances of getting prostate cancer when they ate lots of soy.

What A Great Fish Salmon

With salmon being high in omega 3 fatty acids this fish is an excellent choice. One of the major studies on this wonderful fish found that men over the course of 30 years that didn’t eat fish where actual 3 times as likely to end up with prostate cancer than those who eat lots of fish.

Green Tea Has Many Great Benefits

Green tea is a large part of the Asian diet and prostate cancer is much lower in Asia. Scientists feel that the reason for this is because of how much green tea is drank there. Japan Public Health Center did a study and they found a 48% lowered risk of advanced prostate cancer with men who drank 5 cups or more of green tea a day.

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