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Most of the time when we think about heart disease we relate it towards men and that is until now!

Charts show that in the past women had less heart issues then men and got less treatment for heart disease and hardly ever got tested for it. It turned out that when women did go in for testing that was related to heart disease the disease then ended up being in the advanced stages because testing wasn’t being done at the start of the signs for heart disease. It is well known now that cardiovascular disease targets women and is in fact 40% of the reason of all deaths in women in the United States.

American Heart Association Sheds Light On Heart Attacks In Women

With this news it can be shocking to find out that it took so long for this to come to light, but the American heart Association also says that heart attacks that happen in women are usually more severe than in men. It should also be well noted that within the first year when a heart attack took place that women are also 50% likely to die from it than men are. To further elaborate within the first 6 years after the initial heart attack women are two times as likely to have yet another heart attack.

All women should be aware of these risk associated with cardiovascular disease and take note of the very important steps to making a healthier lifestyle change that could help lessen the risk. There are such factors that come into play which include age, race and the biggest of them all is family history. With that said there are some risk factors that can be changed by making heart healthier choices.

How Estrogen Levels Can Increase Risk Of Heart Attack In Women

With women estrogen levels can play a huge role in a woman’s risk of heart disease. There have been studies to show that after menopause women end up with an increased risk towards heart disease. This has been connected via research that shows the decreasing levels that the female hormone estrogen has during menopause. Estrogen is in accordance with higher HDL which is good cholesterol and lower LDL which is bad cholesterol. What happens is that the natural estrogen which occurs in menopause leads to a noticeable lower level of HDL and a higher level of LDL and this in itself increases that risk of heart disease.

There are nemours reasons that can cause heart disease and it is important to know about these. One step you can make into heart health is by taking CoQ10 which is a solid supplement that has been proven to help with heart health.