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disneyland measles outbreak

With a recent outbreak of measles that started at the California Disneyland and more than 100 people who have been diagnosed with it. Health officials and even President Barack Obama suggested that people need to go and get themselves vaccinated.

With all the fuss going on should you rush out and get yourself a measles vaccine? A holistic health professional Dr. David Brownstein says “The measles are common worldwide and is estimated that 20 million cases of measles happen worldwide year after year. Even though the measles can cause major issues that include encephalitis and even death serious complications are in fact rare in first world countries.”

With all this at hand it should be noted that vitamin A can actually protect you from getting the measles in first place and if you do happen to get them it can protect you from the serious issues that could be caused by having the measles. Dr, Brownstein says “studies are in fact clear that vitamin A supplementation is the best way for preventing more serious complications from measles”.

“An recomended dose of vitamin A is very necessary for a strong immune system and functioning of it. When you get infected with measles and or other viral infections those who have low levels of vitamin A can develop an even more serious infection and have issues with their immune system.”

Seeing though vitamin A deficiencies usually affect only third world countries that is not to say that Americans are by no means immune. “With a recent study done in New York it found that a huge 22% of 89% of children who have been infected with the measles and younger than the age of 2 were actually vitamin A deficient,” said Dr. Brownstein.

A correct amount of this wonderful vitamin A can not only protect you from measles, but also other viral infections and eye vision issues. If you are really deficient in vitamin A it can cause you to go blind.

Actual Video of Dr. David Brownstein talking about Measles & statin drugs

“Worldwide, vitamin A deficiency has been linked to increased mortality from measles,” says Dr. Brownstein. “However, it is not just measles where vitamin A deficiency can be fatal. Deficiencies have also been linked pneumonia and other viral illnesses.”

“Unfortunately vitamin A deficiency is linked to the death rate from having measles, and however it should be noted that it isn’t only measles that vitamin A deficiencies can cause death because it has been linked to other viral sickness and pneumonia.” Said Dr Brownstein

He finds that a high dose of vitamin A is extremely helpful for people who are having issues from not only viral, but also bacterial infections and even has a better outcome with you combine other vitamins such as C and D.

Now with all this in mind it is wise to know that there are two different kinds of vitamin A and one comes from animal products such as meat and dairy and the other from fruits and vegetables and is called Pro vitamin A. You should also take not that seeing though Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin you should take it with a little bit of fat to get the best absorption.

The current recommended dose (RDA) of vitamin A is 1,000 IU for children who are 1 to 3 years old and for adults it is 3,000 IU.

You should also bear in mind that huge amounts of this wonderful vitamin can become toxic Dr. Brownstein says that “those who have measles and other experts recommend just a one time dose of 100,000 IU of vitamin A taken orally at the time they are diagnosed if the patient is an infant or younger than 12 months old and if older the one time dose is 200,000 IU.”

Now back to the question of Should you vaccinate against the measles? Dr. Brownstein says “It is a personal decision”.

However if you are looking for a quality supplement that offers a great dose of vitamin A try out CoQ10 Supreme, which offers a 1,000 IU of vitamin A and it should be noted that CoQ10 is recommend for those who are taking statin drugs.