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GMO Labeling

A Consumer Reports National Research Center Survey says that 70% of us Americans state that we would not like to have GMO (genetically modified organisms) foods anymore! A whooping 92% state that they would like it to be labeled GMO if the food is actually a GMO product. The issue is that it is so hard to avoid them when grocery shopping and that they are hiding in everything from Cereal to Apples and everything inbetween.

GMO & Non GMO Food Labeling

The most common food labels were talked about during the study which are “Organic” “Natural” and “Non GMO Project Verified.” It turns out that 64% of people actually think that when a product says natural it means it is non gmo. The truth is that, that isn’t true. To further the truth there are no regular standards for foods that are labeled natural. The USDA Organic label provided much better results and that is because USDA Organic labeling guidelines prohibit the gmos from obtaining the USDA Organic Labeling. Now as it turns out that the products that have the Non GMO Project Verified label held their end and were found to be true to their claims about being Non GMO.

Dr. Edward Group Talks About How To Stop Buying GMO Foods In The Video Below

Now What You Have Been Waiting For How To Not Buy GMO Foods!

  • 1. Buying foods that are labeled Organic is a great start in buying Non GMO foods.
  • 2. Try to find products that have the Non GMO Project Verified label.
  • 3. Try to find fruits and vegetables that are labeled USDA Organic.
  • 4. When buying dairy products or meat look for No rBGH or rBST including artificial hormone free.
  • 5. Try to find dry grains and beans because most of the time these are NON GMO.

So there you have a nice small list of tips to watch out for when grocery shopping for your weekly foods. Use these as a guideline to stop buying GMO foods.

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You welcome to add to the list if you have any tips that you would like to share!