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Did you know that you will lose or have lost 35% of your Digestive Enzymes by the age of 40?

You might have heard about enzymes and know that they are very important for your digestive health. Now what you might not be aware of is that enzymes are a necessity to every single cell in your body and not only for digestion, but rather for all of the physiological processes that go on in your body. These Enzymes are your worker bees and not only aid in digestion, but are also held responsible for your energy production, keeping you safe from infections, even help heal your wounds, lower inflammation, help remove toxic waste and even help slower your aging. Now another thing to think about is that when you where young you had a bunch of enzymes and energy because you had enzymes to spare that helped keep your body efficiently running.

I’m sure you might have noticed that over time you haven’t been able to eat some of your favorite foods you have learned to love because of acid reflux, GERD or LES and that could be because you are low on digestive enzymes.

The truth is that within each ten years of your lifetime you will loses around 10 to 12% of your digestive enzymes.

With Our Natural Digestive Enzymes You Can Enjoy Your Favorite Foods Again

Starting at a young age of 20, your body will start to lose it’s digestive enzymes that help your body to break down food and take in the much needed minerals and nutrients that it needs for balanced health. Now the reason why this is so important to know is that if you do not start taking a enzyme supplement around age 40, it is more than likely that you are deficient in them.

Being low on enzymes can cause the following issues:

• Less nutrients absorbed into your body
• Lower energy levels
• A much slower metabolism
• Stubborn weight gain

Our product works within the cellular level and this is great news because it helps get your digestive system working at its top level performance. Our formula is packed with six plant derived enzymes and loaded along with probiotics, which creates and a unique micro flora in your digestive system. Our product is perfectly designed to encourage release of energy in your body, so that you also feel more energetic instead of sluggish.

Enjoy Foods That You Love Again

An amazing thing happens when you stop suffering from stomach pain and indigestion; you remember you love food! As your digestive symptoms disappear, you’ll find yourself enjoying meals with family and friends again. After reintroducing the foods you gave up –such as pizza, ice cream and steak, your after-meal experience will be much better.

As you start to take our product and when you start noticing the difference in your indigestion and your digestive symptoms improve you will start to enjoy the foods that you have been missing for all of these years that you otherwise would have wrote off as a never eat again food.

All you have to do is just take 2 capsules before any of your big meals of the day! You can also rest assured knowing that our products are all natural and that also includes this product one of a kind product that so many have grown to love.

How Do The Enzymes Work

Amylase (Carbohydrase)

  • This breaks down carbohydrates, and polysaccarides, so that they are easier to digest.*
  • Measured in SKB and DU (Dextrinizing Units).


  • Helps break apart cellulose and chitin (chitin is cellulose, like fiber that is located inside the cell wall of Candida).*
  • Helps your body free the much needed nutrients in fruits and vegetables.*
  • Measured in CU (Cellulase Units).


  • This helps your body break down lactose, which is milk sugar.*
  • Great for lactose intolerance.*
  • Measured in ALU (Lactase Units).


  • Breaks down lipids and supports fat utilization.*
  • Encourages your gallbladder function.*
  • Measured in FCCFIP and LU (Lipase Units).


  • Breaks apart protein.*
  • Combines with alpha 2-macroglobulin to encourage immune function when you have ate.*
  • Measured in HUT (Hemoglobin Units in a Tyrosine Base).


  • This lowers your stomach gas after eating meals

Lactobacillus Acidophilus

  • This has also been used to prevent or treat vaginal yeast infections, yeast infections of the mouth, urinary tract infections and diarrhea caused by ingesting antibiotics. Lactobacillus Acidophilus this also can help the body keep a normal level of bacteria

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