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Prostate Formula for Men


Guys! Are You Going To The Bathroom All The Time?

Can you believe that 30 million men or more often have some form of prostate problem that often than more times will negatively change the quality of life that they are living.

When your prostate gets enlarged, which can happen to most men when they start getting older the gland starts to push on your urethra and causes bladder and urination problems.

Below are a few examples that an enlarged prostate can cause.

  • Using the restroom more often during the day
  • Late night bathroom trips
  • Unusual sleeping patterns

Product Description

Our unique Maximum Prostate Formula offers you a powerful mix of vitamins and minerals, which also includes Beta-Sitosterol and Saw Palmetto

It has been proven to

  • Help increase your urination flow
  • Get you a more restful night’s sleep
  • Enhance bladder discharge
  • Benefit overall bladder and prostate gland health.

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