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Scientist have developed many miniature hearts from Abertay University located in Scotland. These small beating hearts were created in the chance of finding a cure for a heart disease called ventricular hypertrophy, which is a disease where the muscles become thicker or larger.

Now with the beating hearts in mind it is not the first time they have been created in science, but at the same time this was the first time an actual disease had been put into the little hearts.

Actual Video Of Professor Nikolai Zhelev

“Life threatening heart beats will start and is the most common method of sudden death in younger people,” mentioned Professor Nikolai Zhelev, who is an author for the study. “Even though we have treatments, these will only control symptoms and at this point in time there isn’t any cure.”

Zhelev went onto explain even further that hypertrophy can be genetic and can most likely be the cause by disease like diabetes or even by doing to much hardcore exercise.

The small hearts are very tiny with being only one millimeter in diameter and they actually beat on their own, with about 30 beats a minute. The scientist created these little hearts using stem cells and the research they gain from them are in hopes of finding a cure.

Zhelev said “Even though it could take a very long time before any drugs are ready to be used by patients. I hope that we are able to stop heart hypertrophy from even starting in people who are at high risk of developing this disease.”

Read more on this study on the Abertay University Website.

What are your thoughts on this study and do you think it will actually help further a long time need cure? If so please explain why you feel this way and what else you think would help!

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